Members of the band can change without notice, but for now these are the cats in this quartet.

Adam Schertzer – sax for days, flute

Adam started playing the alto sax at age 8.   Over the years he acquired a taste for more sax and has satiated his appetite with tenor, soprano and bari, because one size does not fit all when it comes to jazz.  He can also be heard blowing into the wind with the sounds of his flute.   

Stan Schertzer – keyboards

Stan is the glue that holds the band together, tickling the ivories with his melodious melodies and rock solid rhythms.  He is best known as the father of the sax player shown above and takes full credit for his musical accomplishments.  When not seated behind a keyboard, you can find him travelling the countryside on his scooter.

Bob Gauvin – bass

You may be asking yourself why this picture of Bob is so large. It’s because the bass that Bob brings is so huge that even the size of the picture cannot do it justice.  More respect to bassists and especially those named Bob everywhere.

Todd Sheldon – drums

A jazz quartet would not be complete with the man holding down the beats and Todd is no stranger to holding it down.   One time he held down a bear to save his family while camping.  Some say it was just a oversized teddy bear, but I’ll let you decide which story to beleive.